The grey wolf

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The grey wolf

The gray wolfor canis lupusBy Rudy



Wolves can live in all sorts of different habitat types from tundras, forests, and tropical rain forests. Most wolves today live in Alaska, Canada and Eurasia. Once wolves lived all through the nothern hemisphere from the Arctic south, southern Mexico, southern Asia, and northern Africa. But due to humans destroying their habitats the gray wolf no longer lives in those areas.

Gray wolves are very well at adapting to their enviroment. Here`s why.1.All wolves are digitgrades which means they walk their toes, this helps them because it makes them faster and makes them more quiet whem walking.2.Wolves have sharp canine teeth are perfect for slicing off meat and flesh off bones.3.Wolves have large premolars and rearmolars which can break bones.4.Wolves have a large and simple stomach for storing food instead of digesting right away

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What my animal does to survive

Wolves usaully hunt in packs. Wolves usually eat ungulates, some example of ungulate are deer, caribou, and moose.Their deit depends on how availableand the vulnerability of their prey in their area.They also eat small mammals like beavers, rabbits and others small mammals. Alot of lone wolves usually hunt smaller prey.

How does the gray wolf contribute to biodiversity

The gray wolf is a very important part of in the ecosystem, they keep the system healthy.They help keep the deer and elk population in check which can also help the plants and other animals too. The left overs of their prey also leave food for many other animals and scavengers.

How do humans interact and interfere with the gray wolf

People interfere beacuse we hunt and kill wolves. Thats one of the reasons that the gray wolf no longer live in the areas that they used to. People also destroy their habitats to make new houses and citys, we destroy their home to make our home. But slowly the gray wolf numbers have beenrising because of new laws and conservation on the animal.

How can we help the gray wolf

Wolves are endangered species. People can spread more awareness on the gray wolf. We should make more conservation areas to help protect the gray wolf.We should stop destroying their habitat so they have a home to live.We should also put a limit on how many gray wolves people can hunt and if they exel that limit they have to pay a fine of 100 dollars

In 2062 the wolf population will no longer be endangered. Since the gray wolf would be used to the mountains because of their habitat the gray wolf woudn`t have changed. But the gray wolf might make a few changes depending on the availability of their prey

My species in 2062

Scientific Name: Canis lupusKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder:CarnivoraFamily:Canidae


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