[2014] Kasondra axtell: The Green Turtle

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[2014] Kasondra axtell: The Green Turtle

The Green Turtles live in Oceans.They live in the Meseameriean Reef, Coastal East Africa, The Gulf of California, the Galapagos, and the Coral Triangle!

The Green Turtle

The Green Turtle can Weight 150-400 Pounds! It can be 31-42 inches tall.It's Scientific name is Chelania Mydas.

The Green Turtle is listed as a endangered species. From Habitat loss, Overharvesting of there eggs, and illegal trade. Plus fishers are accidently catching turtlesin there nets!

The Green Turtle gets its name from the greenish color of its fat and cartilage, not thier shells. Their shells are black!

The WWF are tracking the green turkles by planting tracking devices on them the devices are compleatly harm less. They devices will help them to find out the nesting sites of the green turtle.

The Green Turtle is face with these challenges in the wild. Hunting of adults, being caght in fishing gear, and loss of nesting grounds!

The hook you see to the left is the hooks people have been designing to prevent people from catching turtles. They are turtle friendly in other words they will not harm turtles!!!


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