The Green Mile

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The Green Mile

The Green MileBy:  Stepen King

The Green Mile by Stephen King is about an man named John Coffey who was charge for a crime he didnt commit and a police gaurde who tells the story of John Coffey. Later on the story you discover the truth about the crime and how John didnt commit. He then was later sentence to death.



Some of the main themes of the Green mile was the punishment he was given when he was innocent. Another one was his gulit he had when he couldnt save the little girls.


John Coffey was one of the main charcaters.He was sentence to be death of a crime he didn't commit. Another main Charater was Paul Edgecomb he was the cell gaurd for John in the book Paul started to realize that John didnt commit the crime.

The setting of the Green Mile was taken during the time of 1932 to 1935. Mostly taken place in a prison cell.

I would reccomend this book to many people. i thought it was quiet interesting. i would think people would enjoy this book and the movie.



Author Website -stephenking.comShelby Piller


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