The Green Glass Sea

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The Green Glass Sea

The Setting Takes Place From Around 1939-1941 On "The Hill" In New Mexico


Author: Ellen Klages

Dewey is placed on an unofficial army base in New Mexico with her dad who works on what they call "The Gadget" with Suze Gordon's mom. Suze and Dewey don't exactly get along but because of war business they have to learn to be friends and overcome things together.


Dewey Kerrigan is a preteen girl who is very smart and makes her own gadgets.Suze Gordon is a preteen who really wants to by like by her peers.Mr. Kerrigan is Dewey's father and he works on The Hill working on the gadget but is called to Washinton where he dies being hit by a car and leaves Dewey to the Grodons.Mrs. Gordon is Suze's mother who, with her husband, takes Dewey in after is death. She works on The Hill as a chemist.


Title: The Green Glass Sea



Interesting Fact

Dewey and Suze have to live on an unofficial army base while their parents work hard on something they cannot know about and Mr. Kerrigan must go to Washington and leave Dewey with the Gordons and at first Dewey and Suze don't get along

After Dewey's father passes the gadget is finished and Dewey is to stay with the Gordon's now that Suze and Dewey have learned to get along and they have learned and grown from each other.

When they tested the nuclear bomb (The Gadget) it created a new mineral, making the area look like a green glass sea. This mineral is called Trinity.

Resolution, I think everyone is gonna say that like it or they would recomend it but in reality most of them didn't. Reading for school is something nobody exactly looks forward to and nobody really enjoys what they read for school. So to continue on my point, I didn't understand my book. The plot was all over the place, it challenged me and I liked, but at the same time don't see at all how it is a survival book. Two girls during World War Two living on an army base because their parents were making a nuclear bomb. They had no dangerous situations, the were surrounded by protection. I struggled finding why this was a survival book but if it wasn't put in this category as this "Survival Project" I would really enjoy it. I think how school categorizes books can change your deception of the book.

"The Gadget" Test In Real Life

Ellen Klages



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