The Greek Pulley

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The Greek Pulley

What Is A Pulley?A pulley is a wheel with an indent carved into it where a rope sits to make lifting heavy objects easier.

The basic design of a pulley is a wheel and axle with a rope around it. However, there are actually a few different kinds of pulleys.A fixed pulley uses a wheel and axle that do not move, but require a lifting force to be the same as the object being moved. A movable pulley moves with the object being lifted, and requires much less effort than using the fixed pulley. A combination pulley uses both the fixed system and movable system to do the lifting.


The Purpose Of The PulleyThe purpose of this simple machine is to make lifting heavy things a little easier. The pulley holds a rope which is attatched to the object on one end, the other end being held by the people doing the work. Tugging on the rope will lift the object, as shown in the picture below.

How A Pulley FunctionsA pulley functions like this: a rope is wrapped around the groove in the wheel so the wheel turns when the rope is pulled on. The object on the other end of the rope is easier to lift due to the pulley. Multiple pulleys can also decrease the force needed to lift or pull the weight.

by Ainsley Seiger

The pulley was created and brought to us by Archimedes (287 BC - 212 BC) of Greece, but neither he nor anyone who knew him wrote down the proper date of the invention.

Importance Of The Pulley In GreeceThe pulley was fairly significant in Ancient Greece; if you think about it, they were a very architectual group of people and built a lot of sites and buildings, many of which are still viewable today. Having the pulley was definitely a huge help to them in the means of building, because they could more easily lift heavy stones or blocks without exerting too much energy or straining their muscles.

Importance Of The Pulley In The Modern WorldPulleys allow us to lift significantly more weight than without them. That being said, it makes work much easier for us if we don't have a crane of some other big claw machine to help us out. We also use pulleys to keep people's legs elevated in hospitals when they have broken them or injured them. In other words, the pulley is very effective in helping us do better, faster, easier work.


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