The Greek Empire

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The Greek Empire

Politics and government were very important to Athens. Athens was one of the first civilizations to take part in the government called democracy. The Athenian leader Cleisthenes introduced a new form of government called "Demokratia." Certain men and women whose parents were Athenian born were counted in the Athenian population, which was around 100,000 people. But men could only be apart in the government, which was about 40,000 men. The Athenian democracy had a council of 500 men and seperate juries of random citizens who were chosen from any class and were paid for their jury duties. The Athenian's had a very organized government and political system that chose their next leader instead of inheriting the power.

Geography 'Trade


The Greek's influenced the modern US to organize and practice their government in a very similar way to the ancient Greek and Athenian people. The athenian people influenced the practice of math and astronomy.

The Greeks declined because there was a deadly plague that struck the empire. Greece also declined because of the bloody Peloponnesian War. After they were weakened in the Peloponnesian war, the Greeks were "Taken over" by Philip II. After this took place, the Greek Empire distilled into seperate countries.

The Greek geoography was very rocky and mountainous which made the Greek city-states very secluded and seperated. Trade routes through roads that lead to other nations and the Meditteranean Sea which provided a fast way to trade. The geopgrahy made it hard to trade, but when the Greeks overcame this obstacle, they became a very advanced society. The Greek's traded through the Ionian, Aegean, and Mediterranean Seas. The Greek's mainly traded with Italy and Egypt and some far eastern Asian civilizations. The Greek's exported olive oil, wool, and pottery. They imported resources they lacked such as grain and timber.


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The Greek Empire


Athenian Influence

Decline of The Greek Civilization

The Athenians achieved many things in their time of being a civilization. They were very advanced in mathematics and philosophy. Their philosophers were great thinks and these people included Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.

Belief Systems

The Athenian people believed in a polytheistic religion. They built the Parthenon to pray to the patron god, Athena.


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