The Great War

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The Great War

Glory of Women by Siegfried SassonYou love us when we're heroes, home on leave,Or wounded in a mentionable place.You worship decorations; you believeThat chivalry redeems the war's disgrace.You make us shells. You listen with delight,By tales of dirt and danger fondly thrilled.You crown our distant ardours while we fight,And mourn our laurelled memories when we're killed.You can't believe that British troops “retire”When hell's last horror breaks them, and they run,Trampling the terrible corpses—blind with blood. O German mother dreaming by the fire,While you are knitting socks to send your sonHis face is trodden deeper in the mud.

Life in the trenches was very hard, soldiers died horribly in dirt and mud, others were badly wounded

The Great War changed the world completely, it was the first world war. It involved 30 countries and lasted 4 years.

The Great War1914-1918

Did people at home know about the War's horrors?

Trench Warfare:systems of trences dug into the ground, from which armed forces attack, counterattack and defend

Many young soldiers were needed to fight,war propaganda called on men to do their "duty"

Inspired by the first-hand experience of war, many poets wrote about their experience: they will be known as War Poets.


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