The Great War

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Social Studies
World War I

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The Great War

Question 1:What events occured during the War that continued the fighting?

Several events occurred throughout the war that might have affected the peace between the countries and influenced the ending of the fighting in the war. Some of these events included several assassinations of importance leaders such as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which apparently started the great war. Some other events may include countries declaring war on each other and becoming allies. Also the invasions between countries would have distrupted the idea of a peace treaty. No one really knows why the war kept going and why no one thought that a peace treaty was a good idea.

The Great War

The Great War could off been avoided if none of the countries would have declared war on each other and created blind cheques of each other. The war could of also been avoided if instead of fighting the countries would of made a peace treaty for each country to sign.

Listed References- Facts on the war- Overview- Videos & Facts- ANZAC Timeline Facts

Life in the Trenches


Facts about The Great War- More than 65 million men from 30 countries fought in WWI. Nearly 10 million died.- Russia mobilized 12 million troops during WWI, making it the largest army in the war. - During WWI, dogs were used as messengers and carried orders to the front lines in capsules attached to their bodies. - The total cost of WWI for the U.S. was more than $30 billion.

Question 2:What was life like being a soldier in the Great War?


Being a soldier in the great war was as some people say a life scaring event. It took extreme sacrifice and bravery to be a soldier in these deafening wars. Some soldiers lived in trenches during the war. The livivng conditions at the trenches were poor and the soldiers had limited resources. Many diseases were common being a soldier in the trenches. The soldiers would have been scared from seeing dead bodies and explosives going off. Once the war was over the soldiers whom returned home were either injured or suffered shell shock & other conditions of their awful experience.

Question 3:How could the Great War have been avoided?


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