The Great War

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Social Studies
World War I

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The Great War

I chose this topic because modern weaponry interests me. I wanted to view what they used a long time ago. I learned that the very first World War saw much newer technology. The Allied forces had access to technology that would help them win the war. Airplanes were vastly deployed for the first time. The french supplied all of the field guns, which they were the 75mm model. Tanks were also deployed on a large scale for the first time. The soldiers also had to worry about gas attacks, which was the very first time gas was used. The weaponry helped the Allies win the war and solve stalemates which were caused by the trench warfare. All in all, the weapons that were used were so far ahead of there time and they helped the Allies win the war.

"The Great War"

The Weapons Of the Allied Army

Tanks, Rifles, Artillary, oh my!

Fun Facts

Let's see what helped the Allied forces Win the War

1). Only 100 American Artillary Guns Saw action2). The very first tanks were extrememly and mechanically unreliable.3). The Aces, or the plane dogfighters, were considered the modern knights.

The grenades that were used were called jam tins. These early designs were developed by the british. Soldiers even needed to worry about a gas attack.


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