The Great War

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The Great War

Spanish Influenza:During the years 1917-1918, a massive flu epidemic like none other happened. This affected a fourth of the U.S. population. It's affect on the econmy and the overall morale was terrible. It seemed to affect some of the healthiest, and was so fast that it could kill in a matter of days. The flu turned people purple before killing them, and it is believed that somewhere around 30 million people died worldwide. In 1919, the virus suddenly disappeared without a trace, leaving many peopel baffled.

Anti-Immigration Hysteria:During The Great War, Many immigrants we had were German, which seeing as they were sort of our mortal enemies, was a problem. Many people with German names lost jobs, symphonies refused to play music by German composers,towns with German names changed them, schools stopped teaching the German language, and librarians started removing books from German authors. Some believed violence was nessasary, and started beating many of the German immigrants. People went as far as changing the names of food, although these kind of actions did absolutely nothing but hype them up, which could be good or bad depending on how you lokk at it.

The Fourteen Points:This is a summary of Wilson's plan for world peace, in 14 Points.1:No secret treaties among nations2:Freedom of the seas3:Lower tariffs andother economic barriers for free trade.4:Arms should be reduced to lessen the possibility of war.5:Colonial policies should be in best interest of the people in the colony and the people controlling it.6-13: Boundary changes.14: Proposed League of Nations.

Nationalism:An extreme belief that one one's country is the best, and all others are inferior. Imperialism:The building of vast empires by taking land.Militarism:The development of armed forces and using them as a tool of diplomacy.Alliance system: Building alliances with other countries.These are the embers that started the inferno of The Great War.

Poison Gas:Poison gas was used in The Great Warnot nessasarily as some sort of WMD, bust an irritant. It wasn't a large part of the death toll, and died out for the most part with gas masks being standard issue. But nonetheless, it was a terrible thing to happen, with chlorine gas making you drown in your own fluids, and mustard gas melting your flesh. Gases are now illegal for warfare use due to the grusome nature of it's affects in The Great War.

Trenches:One of the most memorable things about The Great War was the trenches. Trenches, for those sad few that don't know what they are, are large corridor-like wholes dug into the ground to provide a defensive set-up and a place for soldiers to stay before their charge to take the enemies trench. Trench warfare was anything but pretty, and there is a reason it is outdated. many of the trenches were damp, rat-infested holes in the ground, and many diseases were caused by them. The space between the trenches was known as no man's land, a barren landscape of barbed wire and piles of bodies.

The Great War, History of

Treaty of Versailles:Established nine new nations, shifted boundaries, stopped Germany from having an army. Included the War-Guilt Clause put the blame on Germany, and made them pay war reparations, which they could not. It also humiliated them, and America did not sign it, because of Wilson's erie predictions of Germany getting mad and having an uprising against everyone, Which eventually happened.



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