The Great State of Kansas

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The Great State of Kansas

SouvenirThe only souvenir I would want is a piece of flint from the flint hills.I think it would be really cool to have on my shelf. I think it would be awesome to have this thing to call my own.The flint hills are very famous and to have some thing from this place.

Flint HillsThe Flint hills are also called the Bluestem Pastures or the Bluestem hills.The Flint hills got their name because flint lies at/close to the surface of the ground.They strech to Oklahoma.They have a very rocky surface so settelerswere unable to plow.They are located in the east-central part of Kansas.

State flower~ SunflowerState tree~Cotton woodState bird~Western meadow-arkState capital~TopekaBest sold~#1 weat pouducing sate in the U.S.They also make a lot money off of Calves,Cattle,weat,corn for grain,soy beans,and off of hogs.

He was famous for being in the 1874 battle of the adobe wall and sweetwater shoot out.His real name is Barclay.He was born on Nov.26 1853, and died on Oct.25 1921.He was a sheriff,a saloon runner,and a gamble house runner.People wanted him to work at the gamble house or at the saloon more but Masterson stayed and worked as a sheriff.

Wichita Wichita is the biggest city in Kansas in land and in people.Wichita is located on the Arkansas river.Some things to do are...go to the old cow town museum,exploration place,or the Sedgwick County Zoo.Wichita's avd. climate is around 56.2 deegrees fahrenheit.

Dodge CityDodge City is famous for being atown on the frontier also known as a "cowtown".Dodge city got it's name after fort Dodge. The town was attacked by marauding Indians a ton!Eventually fort dodge gave protection to the settlers.It has know changed a lot like there are indian attacks or anything,but the do offer a wide amout of legends.


16601 (my old house)Tis place is located in Overlan Park Kansas.I lived here for 7 years.I would love to see old friends and neighbors.I would also get to ride the amazing trails that always used to ride. I would get to see my old church there I would get to see my best friend at the church because his mom and sister work there.I would be so great full to go back again.

Bat Masterson

THE GREAT STATEOFKansasBy:Jackson Gathings



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