The Great Sphinx Of Giza

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The Great Sphinx Of Giza

The Great Sphinx Of GizaDylan Mccaughey

Introduction- What is The Great Sphinx?The Great Sphinx Of Giza is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person.In ancient egypt alot of times the head was either from a pharaoh or a god.

How high is it?The Sphinx is a single piece of limestone that is 73 meters long and 20 meters high.Why does it have King Khafre’s head on it?Because it is believed to be built by the 4th dynasty King Khafre.

What is the importance of it?The Sphinx Of Giza is a symbol that has represented the essence of egypt for thousands of years.even with all of the pictures we see of the Sphinx,nothing can prepare you for the time that you finally see the Sphinx with your own eyes.Why do they have it?Egyptians built Sphinx statues to guard important areas such as Tombs and Temples.

Why is it in egypt?The Great Sphinx is in Egypt because they think that it should be in Egypt because of the fact that the 4th dynasty King Khafre built The Great Sphinx.


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