The Great Pacitic

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The Great Pacitic

What is it? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where trash and plastic has gathered over many years. Don’t think it is a floating island that is made of trash and plastic, because it’s not. It really is plastic not water bottles. It is water that has tiny pieces of plastic that creates murky water, or plastic soup. At the bottom of this patch there are things like toys, shoes, tires, shoes, tools and back of trucks. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been estimated to be two times the size of Texas. This is an estimated size because the sun dissolves the plastic to microscopic plastic pieces people can’t see with a naked eye.

Animal affectMany, Many animals are harmed such as turtles.They get stuck in nets. Also fish eat the garbage,and seals eat trash. Most marine animals eat trash, the trash makes them not want to eat, soon they don’t eat what they should. Garbage also, harms their intestines in some cases it covers their mouths and they can’t eat. How is it Effecting UsWhen animals eat plastic it goes in them, through their intestines and soon they get caught and we eat plastic. Soon all seafood will be gone to this. People lose their jobs, fishermen over fish and work so hard but they won't be payed what their work is worth because there will be plastic in their fish and seafood. “What happens to nature happened to humans” in the end we are eating plastic.

How big and whereThe span of the murky water is two times the size of Texas, a estimate it could not be measured. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located between California and Hawaii. How was it discovered The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was discovered in 1997 by Captain Charles Moore, he was coming home from a sailing race and took a shortcut to get home. Throughout the trip he began to see murky water soon the saw more he journaled it and reported it. Soon some people came to realize the garbage has to go somewhere and the patch was noted. Most people still don’t know about the patch or the patches.

How we can helpWe can’t clean the patches, but we can keep them from growing. When you are done with something recycle it if it can be. A year of cleaning equals 1% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Also we can’t clean because you would kill many animals. People have brought up the idea of cleaning with nets. We can't clean with nets we will kill many marine life. You would need 67 ships a year and you would not even clean 1% of the patch. So it looks like we can’t clean but we can keep it from growing. Don’t use as much garbage. Don’t litter! that is a big one and go green.

Where does it come from?There are at least 6 different garbage patches in the world’s oceans. The biggest patches are the Western and Eastern patches. About 80% of the debris comes from North America and Asia. Trash from North America takes six years to get to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch trash from Japan and other Asian countries takes a year to get to the western patch. The other patches are located on the map above.

Finding The Facts About The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

A island where trash washes up.

Here is the poor turtle I was talking about in the text earlyer.

This Seal is dieing from a net.

We eat this!!!!!!

This map shows the Garbage Patches.

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