The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Environmental Studies

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The great Pacific Garbage Patch

The patch is located in the northern pacific ocean, right in the middle, where sea turtles, birds and even sea lions are caught in the drastic waves of plastic.

Currently there are 2 million square yards (in length wise) in the garbage patch, and in the oceans surrounding the pacific, small garbage patches are being found and being removed quickly.

BREAKING NEWS!!! There is a garbage patch out in the Northern Pacific, capturing innocent animals in its path, turtles are deformed, sea lions are caught inside and birds and fish are eating the plastic, leading them to their deaths.

Meanwhile, there are piles of plastic biulding up by highways, roads, e.t.c which then goes into city sewers, and ponds, and then rivers, and and when it gets to, too much, they break away into blobs, and are now on our beaches, and soon can lead to our freshwater supplies.

Lastly, while the garbage piles up the bacteria in on and in the plastic is polluting our water, very soon we will not have any avaible freshwater, and possibly species will begin to die out. The chemicals in these bottles can contain: bleach, acids, poisons, food sewage, e.t.c


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