The Great Greene Heist

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The Great Greene Heist

Author: Varlan Johnson

Setting:Maplewood Middle School in Colmbus, Ohio, four weeks before the election.

Characters:Jackson Greene -protagonistKeith Sinclar - antagonistMr. James - teacherDr. Kelsey - principalVictor Cho - studentBradley - studentMegan - student Gaby - studentLincoln - Chairman

The Great Greene Heist

Problem, conflict


Dr.Kelsey goes to the copyroom to see the results of the election with Gaby, Charlie, and Lincoln. Meanwhile, Bradley comes into the copyro0m with a bouquet of flowers from Jackson. Then everyone sneezes. When they heard someone in the closet sneeze, they found Keith with the crumpled ballots in his pockets. Lincoln congratulated Gaby for winning. Mr. James watches Jackson while Dr.Kelsey heads for the gym. On the microphone, the team tells Jackson that Dr.Kelsey is coming to the gym. Gaby goes to gym and hugs Jackson to get the evidence out of his pocket. Now, Dr.Kelsey has no proof. Jackson takes Dr. Kelsey's keys out of his pocket for his last heist.

Jackson is trying to stop the Principal and Keith from winning the election.

Main event:

Victor Cho is a part of Jackson's heist team and a part of the chess team. He has access to cash and credit cards. He helps the team by being the bankroll. Victor sabotaged Jackson's plan five days before the election. Victor robbed Hashemi's shed. Hashemi is a part of the team by being the tech support. Jackson's plan is ruined because the keys to the main office, the copyroom and the Not-a-scantron were all stolen. Victor robbed the shed because Keith promised to keep the funding for the chess club.

The Theme:

How a committe of students work together to help a students win the election for school president. "Dr. Kelsey our first priority has to to be stopping Keith from winning the election. I know we need a crew."


Jackson is a good leader because he can convince people who have the ability to help him, such as Hashimi who has technical ability. They are friends. Hashimi is concerned about losing funding for the Tech Club if Keith wins the election. He has a plan which includes guidelines.


Keith is not trustworthy because he promised Victor he would not cut funding for Chess Club. He failed to tell Victor it depends on the cost of AV equipment for the Gamer Club. He is only running for president because it will look good for him when he applies for private high school. This shows that he only cares about himself and not the other students.


The climax begins with Bradley creating a distraction to keep Dr. Kelsey away from Jackson. Bradley is a part of the team by being the inside guy and artist. Megan comes looking for Lincoln in the copyroom and switches his copyroom keys. Megan is a part of the team, a science goddess and cheerleader, Lincoln is the chairman of the school student board. Keith enters the copyroom to switch ballots. He hears someone coming and hides in the closet. He hears Jackson in the copyroom and he thinks Jackson is trying to do the same thing so he could switch ballots back to his ballots, Then Keith tries to leave the copyroom, but his key doesn't work.

QUOTE:"Jackson had just described the greatest heist in the history of Maplewood Middle School"


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