The Great Gray Owl

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The Great Gray Owl

1. We can help save the Great Gray Owl by not killing them.

3. We could build a sanctuary that they could live in where it is safe.

There are only 200 to 300 individual Owls left in California. That's why they are listed as California State Endangered Species.

2. We could provide more habitats for them.

Female Great Gray Owls usually lay 2 to 6 eggs, incubate them for a month, then they fledge 1-2 weeks later. Most Great Gray Owls can be sexually active at 3 years.

Help Save The... Great Gray Owl

The Great Gray Owl has a body length of about 24 - 33 inches, a wingspan of 4 ½ - 5 feet and weighs only 1 ½ - 3 pounds, despite its large size.

By: Kaylee-5th

Other names for the Great Gray Owl are; The Gray Owl, Sruce Owl, Sooty Owl and the Spectral Owl.

4. We could protect them instead of making their existence smaller.

5. We could find other places to cut down trees, instead of their habitats.


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