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The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby is about a man with an out of the ordinary neighbor on the West Egg of Long Island Sound. This man's name is Nick Carraway. Nick has a small lot between two large lots, one bigger than the other. The bigger lot was owned by a man named Jay Gatsby. These two characters, Gatsby and Carraway, don't know it at first, but they realize later that they served in the war together. Also, The girl that Gatsby met in war turns out to be Nick's cousin, another connection between the two neighbors. While Gatsby tries to attract the girl, Daisy, to his house with parties, she still hasn't made her way across to the West Egg. Finally, when Gatsby finally meets her, she is married to Tom Buchanan. Tom is secretly seeing another girl, and Daisy secretly wants to marry Jay Gatsby. After both of these two secrets are reviewed, Myrtle Wilson, Tom's secret girlfriend dies in an accident. This crime was committed by Daisy, an accident of course. When Tom is down to nothing, he and Daisy talk things over and figure things out. Meanwhile, Gatsby gets shot by Mr. Wilson because he finds out that the car that hit his wife was Gatsby's. Tom and Daisy then go to Europe and act like nothing ever happened. While nick tries to gather people for Gatsby's funeral, only his dad and a man called Owl Eyes show up.


This part of the story is before Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway know how close to each other they really are. This portrays Gatsby as a mysterious man, fitting the tumor that he killed somebody.

The Great Gatsby is a great book for engine that is in the mood for a book that you have to keep up with. There are many things that will make other things make sense along the way. This book is not like many other recent books that are based on a utopian society. In fact, this book takes place in the 1920s. The Great Gatsby is an interesting plot that does not have a fairytale ending. Also, if you want a book full of action, thus may not be your book. All in all, I would recommend this book for many people, young and old, this is a great book for all.

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This is the actor of Jay Gatsby in the movie

This is a facade of Tom Buchanan's house.

This is Daisy in the movie.

This is Nick Carraway's small house located between two mansions.

This is a video of an example of what a party might be like at Gatsby's mansion.






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