The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

Neil PatrickHarris as Gatsby


The Great Gatsby

I think that the movie is was way better than the novel was. I say this because I got confused with what the story was trying to interpret in the novel. The movie helps you understand the concept of the story. It helps you recreate the image and make it more understandable. You use the movie as a reference to what is happening. While the novel makes notably smaller references to the movie. Since the novel is more confusing and the movie clears it up, it makes the movie better than the novel.

Gatsby’s American Dream was to get rich and to get Daisy. He did get wealthy but he couldn’t achieve in getting Daisy. He was hopeless in achieving this because he was from new money. Daisy was from old money so she couldn’t accept Gatsby with his new money. Gatsby tried to be with her by, throwing parties to fit in with the old money’s society. He couldn’t impress Daisy enough to be with him because of her tradition. He couldn’t impress her without knowing the traditions of old money.

The movie presented the themes from the novel similar and different. In the movie the themes were all dramatic than how the book was. Some long themes in the movie were used as a cameo or used lightly. In the movie some themes were just added in to make the story better. Themes in the movie and the novel were done in depth while other times they aren’t. In the movie there were some themes that were confusing if you didn’t read the book.

Scarlett Johansonas Daisy


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