The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

Essential QuestionGatsby's dream was to get Daisy. Everything he did was to get her back. Bootlegging, throwing huge parties, everything was for her to notice him and that he had become rich so they could be together, because she dumped him in college because he didn't have money.

Yellow Car

Gatsby's house was used to throw huge parties, and any social gatherings.

People in the 1920s usually had professional chefs, and maids that did everything for them.

Symbol - In the beginning of the book the car showed that Gatsby was rich. - In the middle of the book, Tom and Gatsby switch cars, which means Gastby is willing to share everything.- In the end of the book, Diasy uses the car and kills Mrytle. This represents death.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby's House!!

Girls that were rich wore dresses like this.

This is the cast!

ConnectionsSelf- I connected with Nick because he's a person that everyone trusts and that everyone tells their secrets to. I'm the same in that way. World- A connection to the world is thatpeople are having affiars all the time, and people forgive and choose to stay in the relationship instead of ending it.


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