The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

Reasons:1: The imageryThe author puts many symbolic scenes into the book which make the book memorable enough to want to be read again2: Shows the time periodThe book takes place in the "roaring 20's" lavish parties were held with flapper girls, vibrant evening wear and boot leg alcohol. (18th amendment made alcohol illegal also called, prohibition of intoxicating liquors) This was also a time of economic growth when there were more people living in cities than farms. Thus, the nations wealth increased from all the consumers. The wealth made it so there were more people to live lavish and have maids and house staff.3: Captivating language One of the many reasons why the book gained such popularity is by the graceful language the author uses in the book. "While the rain continued it had seemed like the murmur of their voices, rising and swelling, a little now and then with gusts of emotion. But in the new silence I felt that silence had fallen within the house too." (88-89) Characters and emotions were described in a way that pulled the reader in and hooked them to keep reading.Themes: Society, class, love, wealth, and education

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Nick CarrawayThe narrator, a young business man who is neighbors with Gatsby. Jay GatsbyA man who lives a lavish life and throws parties weekly. Always maintains an optimistic attitude, calls Nick, "Old sport"Daisy Buchanan A young, married, woman who is Nick's cousin. Loved Gatsby in past and now feelings have returned.

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The Great Gatsby, by F.Scott Fitzgerald, is about Nick and his adventures with Gatsby. When he moves next door to the wealthy mysterious neighbor, he does what he can do to meet him. When he finds him, in the mist of one of his glamorous parties, they immediately become good friends.

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The Great Gatsby

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Takes place in 1922, West Egg, Long Island. Also has settings in New York City. The two main characters, Nick and Gatsby, live in West Egg. Side events take place in other locations. Such as Daisy's house.

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