The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carroway moves to New York and meets Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby fell in love with Daisy Buchanan, but could not have her because of money. Gatsby dedicates his life to gaining wealth in order to win Daisy.Daisy and Tom Buchanan are unhappily married. Daisy enters an affair with Gatsby. Tom continues his affair with Myrtle Wilson.

Where:New York: East Egg, West Egg, Valley of AshesWhen:1920'sWho:Various Members of High Society and Lower Class

The Great Gatsby


Plot Overview

The Evasive American DreamThe Facades of WealthDecline in Moral ValuesConsequences of GreedThe Challenges of Poverty


Myrtle and Gatsby both wind up dead. Both characters attempted to climb the social ladder: one through an affair, one through a life of crime. Perhaps this sends the message that the American Dream should be attained through hard work. Perhaps it is a warning against greed. Maybe it is telling people to stay in their place. The beauty is that you can take from it what you will, but always consider the options.


Gatsby's Pursuit


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