[2014] Maya Acker: The Great Fire

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[2014] Maya Acker: The Great Fire

By: Jim Murphy

Cover of The Great Fire

The Great Fire

Reporter for the Chicago Evening Post, Joseph E. Chamberlin, blamed Mrs. O'Leary's cow for starting the fire. He said that the cow kicked over a lamp, causing the fire.

Maya Acker

There were 17, 500 buildings that got destroyed, over 100,000 people without their homes, and about three hundred dead.

The Great Fire began on the night of Sunday, October, 8, 1871. Daniel "Peg Leg" Sullivan, a neighbor, saw it and started screaming "Fire!". William Lee, another neighbor, went to Goll's Drugstore to turn in a fire alarm. Mathais Schaffer turned in the wrong Box Number. He realized his mistake and turned in Box 319, the correct box number, but then his assistant, Brown, would not turn it in. This sent firemen to the wrong location. The fire was spreading fast because of the wind, and it hadn't rained in a long time. Eventually, firemen and steam engines from other states were sent to put out the fire. The fire finally stopped when it rained, but people didn't have any clean water to drink. Contributions were sent to them from other states. People began to rebuild busineses by using material found in the old, burned down buildings and started selling food. The burned city was being rebuilt and will begin thriving again.

Fire Alarm

Steam Engine

1- Saturday night 6- 4-6 A.M.2- 8:30-10 P.M. 7- 6-8 A.M.3-10 P.M.-Midnight 8- 8-10 A.M.4-Midnight-2 A.M. 9-10 A.M.-Noon5- 2-4 A.M. 10- Noon-6 P.M.


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