The Great Depression,(Assignment),American History

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The Great Depression,(Assignment),American History


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Of The Great Depression


1)The crash of the stock market, known as BlackTuesday............2)People and businesses lost money. They were in debt; meaning they owed money...........................3).The Dust Bowl - which was created by loose dirt blowing across the Plains.Farmers lost everything they had. The land no longer produced;-It had been overworked.........

The Dust BowlThe areas of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas,New Mexico, and Colorado had the worst damage of the dust bowl.The dust bowl clouds were so thick that it even blocked out the sun.Between 1993 and1937 about 350 fierce dust storms swept through the great plains.

October 29, 1929The stock market crashed because, stock values dropped,and people felt less confident in the economy.


Shantytowns were communities of houses that were built out of cardboard boxes,broken down cars ,and scraps of wood.



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