the great depression

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the great depression

During the worst part of the Depression, nobody had anything. Everybody was poor. Our neighborhood was one square block and there were only two cars. Those were the only two people who had steady jobs. One man was a railroad engineer and could only drive his car twice a week. On Saturday he and his wife went shopping and on Sunday the family went to church. The car sounded awful and it stayed in the garage all week except for those two days. The other man drove his car to work everyday. He was a carpenter and was so good at his trade that he would never be out of work. Everyone else did whatever work they could find. In Green Bay the largest employer was the paper mill and my father worked there for a little time. My oldest brother also went to work in the paper mill until he went into the service. My four older brothers and one of my sisters went into the service, and of course I joined the Navy as soon as I graduated from high school.

My name is Bob Coleman and I was born in 1925. I Survived the Great Depression

We are migrant farm workers from the Great Depression. Life was hard.

Facts:Great Depression started with stock market crash on October 29,1929.The ensuing depression led to rampant job loss, poverty, and deflation.Drought in Midwest (Dust Bowl) led to decreased farm incomes and production.Unemployed often lived in shanty towns known as "Hoovervilles."The Great Depression didn't end until the end of World War II in 1946.

"Of Mice and Men" (novella and movie) depicts two migrant farm workers in California during the Great Depression.

"Cinderella Man" depicts boxer James J. Braddock during the Great Depression. It's a pretty good movie.

Above is music from the Great Depression Period.

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The background depicts a visitor at the FDR/Great Depression "Unemployment Line" memorial in Washington, DC.