The Great depression

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The Great depression

The Great Deppression.

In 1929 the U.S market crashed causing the Great Depression. The day is now called Black Tuesday.

During the Great depresssion a huge cloud of dust and dirt build up together because of a severe drought on farms. It became known as the Dust Bowl, and caused many farming families to leave their farms.

The Great Depression didn't just affect bankers or business men, it affected everyone, even people in other countries like Europe who where still recovering after WWI.

The Great Deppression caused 16 million Americans lose their jobs.

The Great Depression also caused many familes to get malnutrition, starvation, and other illnesses.

By Emily Maqueda, Lauren Hansen, Amy Mejicanos, and Isabella Ossiander

The Great Depression helped aid womens rights because they had to take on jobs, because their husbands weren't making enough money.

During the Great Depression more than 5000 banks failed across the U.S.


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