The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

Cole, Robert, and Kenisha

The Great Depression

Baseball was the #1 sport during the Great Depression as Babe Ruth was setting records regularly. Along with baseball other sports that were played professionally were hockey, soccer and football.During the 30's the music industry was highly run by Jazz music, and in the movie industries colour picture was becoming big!Bell, Travis. "Sports & Entertainment during the Great Depression." Cultural History of the United States. N.p., 3 May 2014. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.

Crime & Punishment

Sports & Entertainment

By 1933 the murder rate in the US was at a record high 9.7% a day.Organized gangs started to spread all over the nation and these gangs would cause crime such as murder, robbery, mugging, beating and burning down buildings. One of the most famous gang leaders is Al Capone. He ruled the streets of Chicago from 1920-1932 until he was arrested.Eliabachus, Reuben. "ReubenEliabachuschoicereadblog." : Crime and Punishment during 1930-1940. Reubeneliabachus, 5 May 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

The financial meltdown initiated by Wall Street's Great Crash of 1929 caused billions of dollars in assets to vanish into thin air.Between 1929 and 1933, two out of every five banks in America collapsed.More than $7 billion of the bank's customers' hard-earned money evaporated.Shmoop Editorial Team. "Economy in The Great Depression." Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

In 1933 five thousand Chicago schoolteachers march on city hall demanding a pay raise. In 1934 approximately 20,000 schools, mostly rural, are closed due to funding problems.In 1938 the WPA discovered that they're had been 1 million students taught in America how to read and write."Education 1929-1941." HighBeam Research, 2002. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

Sudden declines in economic demand and credit lead to rapid declines in global trade and rising unemployment. Many found themselves out of work and searching for a better life.Middle class people found themselves dealing with life without money and security.Safarian, A.E. "The Canadian Economy and The Great Depression." N.p.n.d.web

Less and less people were sewing in the 1930s. This was the beginning of the ready-to-wear fashion age.The zipper became more widely used and replaced buttons during this decade as well.The hats that men wore during this decade include this decade include a variety of different berets and top hats."1930's Fashions including Prices." Clothes and Men's and Ladies Fashions in the 1930's Prices and Examples. N.p., 18 June 2007. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

Bonus Army - A group of 20,000 World War I veterans who marched on Washington, D.C., in 1932 to cash in their army bonuses.Eighteenth Amendment- An amendment made in1919, that banned the consumption, sale, and manufacture of alcohol.Okies - A name for the citizens that fleed the Dust Bowl"The Great Depression: Key Terms." SparkNotes SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

Development of wheat was the most important at this time.The ratio from urban housing to rural increased greatly.Many homes lacked in warmth and electricity was scarce.Bryson, Dennis. "Family and Home, Impact of the Great Depression On" Encyclopedia of the Great Depression. Ed. Robert S. McElvaine. Vol 1. New York: MacMillan Reference USA, 2004. 310-315. U.S History in Context. Web. 10 Feb 2016

Desperate farmers began to join movements for reform.During the Depression, racism and discrimination against African Americans reached a breaking point. Almost half of them were out of work.With the global economic collapse of the 1930s, the United States turned its focus on domestic issues and for awhile steered clear of the turmoil brewing overseas."Political Problems in America During the Great Depression | The Classroom | Synonym."Political Problems in America During the Great Depression | Synonym. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

Average family income dropped to $1500 anually.Many were deprived or even evicted from their homes.Married women came to work outside the home in low-paying jobs to heklp support the family and the children.Struthers James "Great Depression." The Canadian Encyclopedia. Richard Foot, n.d.web. 10 Feb 2016





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