The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

Dear,Fellow Citizens of the United States of America,Our country is going through a rough time, and we must stay strong. Our stock market has crashed and about 20% of our population is unemployed So, I have decided it would be wise to create a program helping this percentage decrease. The New Deal will build dams, bridges, and parks while helping the unemployed. So, I am opening The New Deal to all of you strugglers. However, there will be some requirements, you all seem great for the job. For more information listen tomorrow's fireside chat at 7:00 p.m.Your President,Franklin D Roosevelt

Imagine being a hobo no work, no home, no money, many decided to travel free on freight trains. Life as a hobo was risky. In addition to being poor and itinerant the railroad employees were rough with the trespassers. At least 6,500 hobos were killed in one year due to railroad accidents and harsh guards. More than two million men and possibley 8,000 women became hobos during the Great Depression. Also a big problem was finding food. If a farmer gave them food the hobo would mark the fence so that other hobos knew it was a good place to beg.

The Hobo Life

The Great Depression

A Note From FDR

Letter to FDR

In the 1930s the Great Depression frightened many people, but they enjoyed many forms of entertainment. Movies such as comedies, gangsters, and musicals became increasingly popular and got people's mind's off their troubles. Theater owners in small towns chose to provide free movies to lure country people into town. Some of the actors during The Great Depression were Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple and many more talented artists. Board games were one of the many things people would like to do to enjoy life during The Great Depression. Scrabble and Monoply were two of the very popular games. Radio provided free entertainment and people would sit down in the evening and listen to the radio, if they had a pittance and could not afford TV's. Before The Great Depression, when everyone had money also known as the roaring 20s, dancing was extremely popular. During The Great Depression people were experts at dancing. Dancing was one of the things that people did to take their minds off their stress. Usually there were barn dances, especially before a barn loft was provided with season's hay. Churches would organize portable dance floors that would be held around town. Wealthier towns had ballrooms. However not only did people love to dance, they also loved to see other people dance. One of the most famous dancers at that time was Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple danced, sang, acted, and much more. Although The Great Depression was a depressing and hard time, there were many events, organizations, and activities that could help people escape their troubles.

During the Great Depression many people had lost there jobs and became poor. However, others who were rich felt no impact on life. They were still able to by cars and socialize. Children of the poor were forced to work since their parents had barely any money. Being a child during the Great Depression was very difficult. Children worked for little or no money. Those left homeless had nowhere to go, they had no place to bathe, they did not have any clean clothes to wear, and had to sleep on the floor in shanty towns. There was talk about people selling children for money. These were a few differences between the rich and the poor.

FDRFireside chat


Deer Mr. PrezidentEvr sinse the 1929 stok market crash, 6 milion have lost their jobs, inkludin yours truly. Many hav fel in debt (includin me). I em in desperate nead of food. Pleas bring somethin tu me. Sincrly:John the poor person.

Child Labor and Rich v.s. Poor


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