The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

1930s Great Depression Effects

EducationMany of America's schools and universities saw a major decline in the student population in search for education. Additionally, a large number of schools were understaffed or closed during the Great Depression because public spending on education was minimal. However, young males attended school longer because the chances of them getting a job were slim, which helped them get a higher education.

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Crime RatesDuring the Great Depression, crime rates rapidly increased because with many unemployed men, they had trouble providing for their family. The lack of income resulted in many thefts and robberies. Additionally, malnutrition rates rose as an effect of the lack of money.Women jailed for caught stealing bread

Effect on HealthAs a result of this stressful time many people resorted to alcoholism to escape their everyday thoughts. Suicide rates also rose as an effect of the poverty and harsh life many people faced.Thousands without a job

RecoveryIn order to help America recover from the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal including the Publics Works Administration and the National Recovery Administration. These programs were created to reform the financial system, restore the economy, and provide relief for the many unemployed and poor people.

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Family LifeDue to the lack of jobs, marriages were delayed because men did not feel they could support a family during the Great Depression. There was also fewer divorces because adults felt like they could not survive by themselves. Despite the fewer divorces, some men would abandon their family for an easier life.

The Great DepressionThe Great Depression began after the stock market crashed in October 1929. It was a period of unemployment, poverty, and many economic problems in the United States.

Constant Impact on People Survivors of the Great Depression tend to remain cautious of their spending and suspicious about the stock market.

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Businesses and UnemploymentMany businesses either shut down their company or got rid of their workers. The large unemployment left many men and women unable to provide for their family.Many families were greatly affected

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MigrantsMany of the farmers moved in search of a new job. They would illegally hop on a train to take them places in search of a job, but with hight unemployment rate, many were unsuccessful in making money.

FarmersDuring World War 1, farmers had to produce more to pay off their debt when prices fell. As a result of the stock market crash, prices dropped dramatically and many farmers went bankrupt and ended up losing their farms

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Dust BowlDue to high demand on crops, farmers destroyed their land by overfarming. Several years later after drought and high winds, the farmlands turned into a dust bowl, forcing many farmers along with their family to abandon farming for a new career.

Large cities often had soup kitchen for the many hungry families

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