The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

The Great Depression

What conditions lead to the Great Depression? Was the Stock Market crash to blame or were there other factors?

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Many people believe that the Stock Market crash caused the Great Depression. There was a boom of consumer consumption of goods, which were purchased on credit. The pace of car manufacturing had slowed, and residential construction declined all contributing to economic trouble.

By 1929, commercial bankers were in the unusual position of loaning more money for stock market and real estate investments than for commercial ventures.

World War 1 did contribute to the overall cause of the Great Depression because of the Versailles treaty and the amount of money countries were required to pay back in damages. Germany was required to pay back 33 billion dollars to France and Britain, which they borrowed from the U.S.

Many farmers when into debt to finance their expansion after WWI and then overproduction and low prices meant that many farms were forclosed upon.


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What made the Great Depression was the massive amounts of unemployment and hardships that followed many failed small banking systems and that the Federal Reserve did not kick in and rescue small banks and keep the economy from deflating.

The U.S. itself was owed more than 10 billion dollars from Britain and France, but once the American credit dried up with the crash of the stock market than the economies of Germany, Britain, France, and many other European countries crashed also.


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