The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

The Great Depression


Private organizations like the salvation army worked to provide welfare, jobs, and homes to people without them. Many people went to soup lines to get food.

This was the begining of the Great Depression. Stock markets fell people didn't spend any money and the ecomomy fell. People lost their homes and businesses went bankrupt.

President Roosevelt made the new deal that was supposed to stop the Depression, it was only an experiment and didn't stop the Depression right away.

Franklin D. Roosevelt created the new deal in hopes that it would help the Depression that the country was in. He was president at that time. Workers, farmers, and people that did not have much money liked him, where more wealthy people did not like him because he made thing cost more and he made the government larger.

The Depression did not completly stop, the economy was still bad until after World War II. President Roosevelt did a huge part in this with the new deal, it gave many American's hope and jobs.

The Crash1929

During the Depression



The New Deal1932

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The End1939

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