The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

CONCLUSION:Even in hard times like the Great depression, people still found various ways to entertain themselves. For instance, children often used objects like wooden blocks or homemade objects as entertainment.

Depicted in this photograph is a younggirl playing on what looks like a home-made see-saw. This image shows the resourcefulness of the struggling population during the era.

Families during the Great Depression often didn't have enough money to buy entertaining toys for their children. As such, they had to make do with what littlethey had, often playing with things like wooden blocks, as depicted in this photo.

Even though the economy was having a very hard time, people still managed to have fun, and went to places like the carnival, as seen in this picture.

Here we see a picture of an old lady and another family picture of what is assumed to be her children. Most of the houses in the era looked like small wooden shacks, such as the one seen in these pictures.


The following images depict the lives of people during a very harsh economic crash lasting 12 years now known as the Great Depression.


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