The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

The Great DepressionBy: Nathan Munshower

The Great Depression begun on October 29th, 1929. That day is also called Black Tuesday. It is called Black Tuesday because the Stock Market crashed, falling about 30%. Fearing the worst, many banks also closed within a week of this, so they would not lose money from this catastrophe.

As the Stock Market crashed, everyone panicked. Many people lost their jobs, largely because of the Stock Market crash and the panic that followed. People lost their jobs as an effect of the Great Depression. People could not support their own families. The banks that closed often did not give all of the money the people put into it back.

Life was pretty bad during the Great Depression. As so many people lost their jobs, food was scarce. Kids (and adults, although not as many) suffered from lack of nutrition. Millions of teenagers left their homes and 'jumped the rails', or followed railroads by sneaking onto trains.

The image above is a Hooverville. Hoovervilles were 'cities' of small, makeshift homes that homeless people made. Although they probably existed before and after the Great Depression, they were MUCH more common during the Great Depression. They were called Hoovervilles because many people blamed president Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression.

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The image above is a family walking on the edge of a street. The family is most likely on of hundreds of thousands on families that lost their home in the Great Depression. They might be moving from one town to another in hope that one of them can find a job. They could be going to a new town because of other benefits, such as a soup kitchen or better schools (teachers often lost their jobs during the Great Depression.

These people are most likely waiting outside of a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens like these were very popular during the Great Depression, largely because they were the only food for many people who were homeless and lost their jobs.


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