The great depression

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by NadineGumogda
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The great depression

Part 1:


The Great Depression


Due to the devastation of the American citizens regarding the stock market crash, it was imperative that the government enact recovery programs. However, the New Deal wasn’t enforced or created early enough in order to immediately relieve Americans from the Great Depression.

By: Nadine Gumogda & Gillian Romero


The United States

In the beginning of Germany’s economic crisis the government was too weak to implement any serious recovery programs. Most institutions that tried to ease the burden of unemployed families were locally run and did not usually have enough funding to significantly help in any way. Similarly to the United States, not enough action was taken in the beginning by the government.

Part 2:


In Germany, the government was too weak and too damaged to lift its citizens out of economic turmoil. The people needed a new cause to believe in and the Nazi party, headed by Adolf Hitler, brought the rigorous upheaval that the Germans needed. In the case of the United States, they needed similar upheaval but their government was strong enough where they were able to enforce such radical changes such as the New Deal. This New Deal created the sense of nationalism and pride in the government within the hearts of the American citizens.


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