The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

After WWI the United States had formed debts with Britian and Germany. When the Stock market crashed in October 1929 very few people thought that the world as a whole would be affected. Being pushed into a depression of its own Germany soon started to gain in unemployment stats. In the first year of the depression,late 1929, unemployment rose sharply in numbers. Then continued to increase and in just 3 short years,1932, 25% of the German workforce was unemployed. Thats roughly 6million people. This economic breakdown practically lead to the rise of Adolf Hitler's power in 1933. By 1936 the depression in German was ended because of the Nazi public-work in the production of munitions.

The Depression in America

1920-1928: a time full of properity and carefree moral1929: stock market crashed 1939:Great Depression ends

Did you know?

Thousands of people ranging from children to young adults in 1929-1939 wrote letters to Eleanor Roosevelt asking for items or cash for their familes. They would ask for money,clothes, and other items. They told her what the object in question would be used for and why it was needed and they trusted her with their problems. In answer to this Mrs. Roosevelt established the NYA in June of 1935. The National Youth Administration helped kids more than 2million kids. It gave them a chance to work for a grant so they could stay in school and she made sure women were treated the same as the men. She was an inspiration to them.

Rise of Adolf Hitler : Democracy?

In the begining Adolf Hitler tried to over throw the German government by force but his efforts were futile. So instead he chose to try something different, he ran for government. He started to work on his identity. Adolf became a revolutionary in order to appeal to the veterains of WWI. He then started to work his way higher up into the social network. Little did the people of Germany know Hilter was building a Nazi shadow government designs to take over the democracy.

The Great Depression

How the depression effected Germany


The early and mid 1920's was a time of great prosperity and happieness. Then in October of 1929 the crash of the stock market plunged America into a depression that lasted roughly 10 years. It was a sad time in the U.S. people lost their jobs, homes, saving, and some kids even had to drop out of school. Thousands of schools had to shut down because they didnt have the money to stay open. 20% of the kids living in the US at the time didnt have proper clothing and went hungry because their parents lost theri jobs and couldnt afford the everyday items they used to. 3 long years after the depression began unemployment was at 25-30% of the nations workforce. Then in 1933 11,000 out of the 25,000 banks had closed. People stopped going out and dancing the streets were no longer filled it was truly a depression of the nation.


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