The Great Depression

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The Great Depression



The Great Depression

The Great Depression in the United Kingdom was also known as the Great Slump. Unemployed reached 70% in some areas at the start of 1930. In May 1929, a minority Labour government headed by Ramsay MacDonald came to office with Liberal support.

The Great depression in the United States affected the United Kingdom by affecting the trade to and from the United Kingdom. The United States tried to confront the Great Depression by not only making different organizations to create jobs, but by selling bonds.

The Great Depression in the United Kingdom hit it's worst a little after it did in the United States. It also caused more damage, because the UK did not experience the prior economic success that became ver prevelant in the US. The south of the U.K. was also able to recover in a shorter period of time than the U.S.

F.D.R taking office is considered by many to be the turn around point for The Great Depression. He implemented many new policies and government agencies to alleviate some of the problems of The Great Depression, and to provide jobs.


U.S.A- Lower HalfU.K.- Top Half


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