The Great Depression Time Capsule

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The Great Depression Time Capsule

During the 1930s, which was when the Great Depression took place, most of what people did had to cost nothin . Even though it was a hard period of time for people to go through, the people had lots of fun. Almost everything was handmade, from food to board games. There were many football games and dances being held.

Football was a very important part of the 1930s. They were really popular and were the pride of the entire community.One of the most famous team is University of Nebraska. The University has won multiple championships during the 1930s.

There were often activities help by the church for people to meet and bond. The church and school programs would often hold events for people to met others. There were also local dances for the young people to go on dates.

The people of the same community often gathered together on the weekends to play board or card games.

The Great Depression Time Capsule

One of the most famous songs was, "This Land is your land". This song was one of the songs that the labor union used to sing.This song was more for the lower classes during the Great Depression.

By: Shirley Yin


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