The Great Depression Time Capsule

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The Great Depression Time Capsule

The Great Depression Time Capsule

The Golden AgeTwo types of entertainment were the ones that helped people laugh and forget their troubles and others who showed the injustice and suffering of the depression years. Radio shows became popular and movies helped escape the people from worries. Painters, photographers, writers used art to show strugggles of life. The subject of this art was everyday situations.

This was a very hard time for people living in the United States. This had a negative impact on the US. The depression caused severe economic crisis. Farmers bought land, supplies, and equipment by borrowing money. This then affected banks by farmers not being able to meet loan payments. Millions of people lost money due to banks becoming collapsed. Throughout the 1930s the unemployment rate stayed around 20%. By 1932 25% of Americans were out of work. Long lines of hungry people snaked throught the nations streets.

Homeless people gathered to live in makeshift villages known as Hoovervilles. This was a negative reference to President Hoover who didn't help the suffering the great depression effects.

Roosevelt's first 100 days in office was very effective. He worked with Congress to start new programs and pass new laws, this process was called The New Deal. This provided work relief programs were to put jobless people to work. He fixed whatever Hoover didn't do, he improvced banking, the stock market, industry, farming, public works, conservation, and helping poor people.

The supreme court challenged the 2nd new deal because they felt as though some of it was unconstitutional.


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