The Great Depression and World War II

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Great Depression and World War II

the Manhatan project was huge, its purpose was to make a killing weapon, the atomic bomb!!! They wanted to make this so they could get their revenge on Japan and force the Japnese to surrender.

The depression deepens and spreads as more and more americans get unemployeed and more people get in the bread and soup lines to get food. people blamed Herbert Hover for this issue. And then in 1933 Franklin D. Roosvelt was elected into office and he worked to end the depression. Then in 1941 F.D.R established the New Deal which restored a measure of dignity and posterity to americans

Japanese Interment Camps were set up all around the US. the purpose of these camps was to hold Japanese-Americans were to be held here so they could tell americans about the Japanese. this was not a sucsess, a lot of Japanese-Americans died in these camps.

The Great Depression and World War II

this video is about how people lived during the Great Depression and how their lives were like.





japaneseInterment Camps


The stock market crashes on October 29, 1929. 25% of americans go unemployeed. This day became known as Black Tuesday when all the stockes crashed. Then in 1930 they started building the Empire state building which gave a lot of americans an oppurtunity to work.

F.D.R held fireside chats in which he spoke to the public.Life on a farm during the dust bowl was hard, they had to put wood and blankets infront of craks and openings in the walls. Growing up during the depression was hard because either they were poor or their parents still had a good job or you were a child actor like Shirley Temple who was very famous.

On December 7,1941 Pearl Harbor was attaked by the Japanese, the USS Arizona was sunk and 1,177 men died in the ship wreck. The japanese attacked because, Japan and America were i;n negotations and Japan wanted more land so about 200 planes bombed Pearl harbor on a peacful Sunday morning.

Rosie the Riveter inspired women during WWII to work to at jobs that helped americans at war. the US was sending a lot of battle supplies to Europe to provide warriors with supplies.

WWII was considered to be one of the deadliest wars of all time. It was given that name because, the that a war was fought changed because of the new technology like planes, tanks, machine guns, U-boats, and barbed wire


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