The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

DISADVANTAGESMany people lost their jobs and could no longer support their families. In fact, by 1932, about 30 million people didn’t have a job around the world.

The Great Depression

Interesting Facts-You can thank the Great Depression for the invention of zippers. They were invented because buttons became too expensive to use.-The stock market didn’t return to what it was originally until about 1954.

What Caused the Great Depression to happen?- U.S stock market crashed-U.S business expanded too far-Banks granted no guarentees to customers-Agriculture prices fell

WHEN and WHERE did it take place?The Great Depression took place wordwide. It lasted for 10 devestating years for many places around the world (about 1929-1939).

How did the Great Depression begin and end?There are many reasons why the Great Depression could have been started. The main reason was because the gap between rich and poor people got to be too great. World War 11 marked the end of the Great Depression. Many people went to work in the military and that took care of the many unemployed people.

What Was The Great The Great Deprssion was a worldwide financial and industrial slump that mainly took place during the 1930s. During this time, many people lost their jobs. It was a very devastating time period for many people.

AdvantagesThe Great Depression made a lot of economical and political changes to America.


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