The Great City of Xi'An

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The Great City of Xi'An

Primo Meschini

The Great City Of Xi'An

The Bell TowerXi'An is the start of the famous silk road. You know you are on track when you see the magnificent bell tower that marks the begining of a long journey. The tower was oviously made to hold bells. But, during the Ming dynasty, the bells would ring at the crack of dawn and drums would be played at dusk.

Xi’An Bell Tower by John Kellenberger


The TerracottaArmyThe Terracotta warriors were made to protect the Emperor in the afterlife. Each statue has incredible detail, some have facial hair, others have distinctive faces. The army was found in 1989, shortly after it was named a world heritage cite.

Trip on tube : China trip ( 中国 ) Episode 4 - Xi'an trip ( 西安 ) [HD] by: Trip on Tube; on youtube

Terracotta Warriors by John Kellenberger

The CityWallThe wall surronded the orginal ancient ciry and is now still well preserved. The Ming dynasty rebuilt it to keep away potential invaders like the mongols for example. If you left the most outer wall without autherization would not be let in and would have to live with the "barbarions" that lived outside the city at that time.

Xian City Wall by Peter Danford

The Tomb of Crown Prince ZhanghuaiPrince Zhanghuai was the son of Emperor Gaozong who was the third ruler of the Tang dynasty. Prince Zhanghuai didn't think that that the new Empress Wu was his mother, shortly after she became Empress, Wu is thought to have orderded the killing of Crown Prince Zhanghuai. This was not the only assination in the family. There are many paintings in the tomb, there is even a fresco of a polo game which was introduced to China by the Persians during the Tang dynasty.

Lao Mu TempleThe Lao Mu temple was built during the Tang dynasty. Acording to Chinease Mythology Lao Mu is the great goddess in the ancient god tree. She is said to have made men out of soil and to have established the marrige system. She was widely respected throughout the Chinease people.


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