The Great Black Swamp

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The Great Black Swamp

Discovering the Black Swamp4th Grade Life Science

When Explorers first came to this area of Ohio they discovered an extensive swamp that they called,The Great Black Swamp. This assignment will addresses the essential question of: How has the area we live in changed over time, and how have those changes affeced the orgainsms living there. You will be required to visit some primary resource websites and analyze and apply the knowledge you gain from those resources to answer questions on a separate piece of paper. Please follow the arrows through the quest.

Lets begin by looking at the area the black swamp used to cover. Click on the map to learn more about what created the swamp and what area it covered.

Would draining the swamp have helped or harmed the mosquito population?

What factors contributed to the creation of The Great Black Swamp? Were they abiotic or biotic factors?

There was mention of "ague" in the previous article. Click on the Mosquito to read a first hand account.

Why were the mosquitoes so prevalent in this area and how did they affect the settlers? Use previous knowledge and facts from the article.

Watch the video belowto see how the settlersdealt with the swamp.

Click on the snake above to view a list of endangered species in Ohio.

Could the draining of The Great Black Swamp have resulted in the endangering of these animals? Why or Why not?


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