The great barrier reef

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The great barrier reef


Pre introduction


1. choose one Australian different grouops of people view the landscape 3.Identify and describe different types of landforms within the land scape

>Landscape: coastal >discribe landform formation >what effects of rock type >what are Aboriginal dreaming stories and legands of torres strait concerning >how do people interact with your landform >how do people interact with

this is a picture of some fish in the gtreat barrier reef

> The Great Barrier Reef is 8,000 years old>The reef is 348,700km2 big>Located in Queensland, coast>The Great Barrier Reef is dying from damaging activities

The Great Barrier Reef

>Oral reefs starts to shape when free-swimming coral hatching connect to submerged or other hand surface along the edges>As coral develops and grows, reefs take one of three networthy trademarks structures-boreding, hindrance or atoll>bordering reefs, which are the most widly reconized venture towards the ocean legimately from the shore, shapping out skirts along the shorelines, however at a more promient separation.


>coastal is where landmass melts the sea >it's shaped by natural forces of wind and water >the coast is a strip of soil between the mainland and the sea


>Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the Traditional Owners of the Great Barrier Reef region> their ocean country connexion goes back over 60,000 years

Aboriginal Interconnection

>Erosion is the geological process in which materials are worn away and transported by natural forces such as wind or water..>erosion is the opposite of deposition >the earthen materials are deposite, or built


>1.6 million travelers visit the Great Barrier Reef, every year.>the travel industry on the reef and neighboring coast is worth more than AU$4 billion every year.> the great barrier is a tourism attraction, people go scuba diving with the fish.

Other people

this picture is of people visiting the Great Barrier Reef (diving)

The Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coastat Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast

Traditional Owners

This is a picture of a map of where the Great Barrier Reef is


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