[2015] Camry Yielding: The Great Awakening

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[2015] Camry Yielding: The Great Awakening

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Was a minister from Britian. He delivered his sermons with passion and would shout the word of God and weep with sorrow. Colonist came by thousands to here him speak. He converted many people because of his sermons.

Jonathan Edwards was a Yale minister, who refused to convert thenchurch to England. He was concerned that people were thinking moneynwas more importantant than John Calvin's principles. "God was an angry judge, and humans were sinners!" he declared. He spoke with such fury and conviction that people flocked to listen.

Jonathan Edwards

The Great Awakening

Much of the colonies became divided soon after. Awakening, or New light preachers set up their own schools and churches. The old light ministers refused to accept the new worship style and it was clear no one religion would dominae the region. Despite all the conflict, the religious toleration suprised many.


Camry Yielding 3rd periodHonors US History8/17/2015

George Whitefield



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