The Great American Revolution

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The Great American Revolution

The Great American Revolution

George Washington was the first official president of the United States of AmericaMarried Martha Washington in January 1759He was homeschooled until age 17He attended both Continental CongressesBorn February 22nd, 1732Died December 14th, 1799Was involved in the F.A.I.warBecame commander of all Virginia troops at age 23

Signed in ParisSigned by King George 3 and the U.S.Signed on September 3rd, 1783 by representatives of Great Britain and the Unitecd StatesRatified January 14th,1784Ended the Revolutionary WarAcknowledged the United STates (i.e the 13 colonies) to be free, sovereign, and independent states

Act of Rebellion by the Sons of Liberty, against the Tea Act placed by Great Britain.Took place in the Boston Harbor, in Boston, MassachusettsDecember 16th, 1773The Sons of Liberty dressed up as American Indians and threw boxes on tea into the HarborThis act of rebellion resulted in the "Intolerable Acts"

Born in 1742, in North CarolinaOfficer in the Georgia militiaFought in the southern theater in the Revolution and the Battle of Kettle Creek

The patriots were the people that wanted freedom during the American RevolutionThey fought the loyalists (people sided with Britain)The patriots rebelled against Great BritainGeorge Washington , Paul Revere, and John Adams (to name a few) were all patriotsAlso known as American Whigs

Mid June 1776: a group of 5 men drafted the D.O.I.1st Continential Congress met July 1st to read and officially revise the documentAdopted in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1776Thomas Jefferson was the primary author

Boston Tea Party

Geroge Washington

Elijah Clarke

Paris Peace Treaty

Battle of Kettle Creek

Declaration of Independence

A group of 9 shopkeepers and artisans who called themselves "The Loyal Nine"As the group grew, they became known as the Sons of LibertyFirst Act: August 14th, 1765; a stamp distributor was found hanging in a treeBy the end of 1765, there was a form of the S.O.L. in every colony

Burning of the Gaspee

Sons of Liberty

February 14th, 1779Wilkes County, GeorgiaThe patriots defeated and scattered the loyalist troops on their way to British-controlled AugustaOnly significant patriot victory in GeorgiaDelayed the consolidation of British control in the large loyalist colony

Spartanburg County, South CarolinaJanuary 17th, 1781Patriots won800+ British troops were killed, wounded, or captured>100 Americans were killed1st Patriot victory to prove themselves worthy2 U.S. military ships were named USS Cowpens in memory of the battle

Battle of Cowpens

June 9th, 1772Lieutennant William Duddington of the Royal Navy on H.M.S Gaspee was patrolling the Narragansett Bay waters He was a LoyalistMany acts of wrong-doing towards the S.O.L. gave him a bad reputationS.O.L. bated the Gaspee into shallow waters. When the ship ran aground, the S.O.L. captured the crew, then proceeded to attack, loot, and burn the ship



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