The Grasslands

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The Grasslands

The grasslands is a biome that contains some of Earth’s most endangered species due to human activity and severe droughts. According to “ Yahoo! Answers” grasslands are endangered with condos, mini malls, etc. “Yahoo! Answers” also stated that the grasslands are endangered because as it gets hotter, there is a more likely chance for them to catch on fire because of the dryness. In other words the

grasslands are slowly turning into deserts. In order to protect and preserve the grasslands, which include prairies and savannas, for the future to come we must not destroy it by by building factories and malls and the biome has to not have extremely hot dry seasons. According to the textbook California Science the grasslands have distinctly dry seasons. One of the reasons for the dryness is humans. Humans build

factories, like power plants. This takes me to the point of the creation of this document. Please do not build a power plant on the grasslands. Power plants produce waste heat, according to “Skeptical Science”. “Skeptical Science” also states that waste heat contributes to global warming. So if a power plant was to be built in the grasslands, the grasslands will get hotter and drier. This will affect the biotic factors

in the ecosystem. The biotic factors will not have time to react to the change and die out. This will result in a mass extinction of the the already severely endangered grasslands animals. In fact scientists say that the next mass extinction of animals is probably happening right now, due to global warming and other contributing factors like waste heat.

If I were to pick a unique animal from the grasslands to see how building a factory would affect it I would choose the lion. I would say that the lion is one of the most exotic, unique, and endangered animal in the grasslands. If a power plant were to be built on the grasslands the soil would absorb the chemicals and the plants would take this in and die, according to “”, if the plants die the

So please do not build a power plant or any other factory on the grasslands.

The grasslands have many unique biotic and abiotic factors, some biotic factors (plants and animals) are even endangered. Biotic factors are living things. Some biotic factors include: elephants, bison, shrubs, grass, trees, zebras, lions, chickens, and giraffes. The grasslands has the title of the biome with the second most endangered animals ever, the first place title goes to the rainforest. Abiotic factors are non-

herbivores die. If the herbivores die the carnivores die. The lion is a carnivore. So, if a factory, like a power plant, were to be built the whole food chain will collapse. The effects would be catastrophic!

I have numerous suggestions to where you should build your power plant and others. My first suggestion is to build elsewhere. Not in the wild though! Not a place populated with animals and plants. My second suggestion is to try to minimize fossil fuel usage. My third and final suggestion is to not overuse natural materials like wood. Please consider these ideas and suggestions.

I leave the grasslands at the mercy of your corporation. Please reconsider your actions. If all ends well the grasslands will stay another day. If you build a factory the grasslands biome will collapse and the organisms will fall too.

living elements in a biome. Some abiotic factors include: rocks, pebbles, shade, sunlight, soil, minerals, water, and climate. If a power plant gets built in the grasslands most of the abiotic and biotic factors would die out or vanish. So please reconsider where you build the power plant, for the lives and existence of the many abiotic and biotic factors depend on it

The Grasslands


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