The Grasslands

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The Grasslands

ClimateSummer: tempatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter: the tempatures can go down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. 10-35 inches of precipitation per year.

AnimalsLions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, sheeps, cheetahs and smal rodents are the animals that live in the grasslands.

What to bring in the summersunscreen, shorts, t-shirts, hat, water, camera

What to bring in the wintercoat, pants, scarf, and a camera.

PlantsBlue Grama, Buffalo grass, Big Blue stem, switch grass and Little Blue Stem are a few of the plants in grasslands. The Big Blue stem and switch grass can grow 7 feet tall.

The Grasslands

DiningBuffalo wings with a side of carrots and celery.Lamb with a side of salad.Each meal is topped with edible grass.

DessertIce cream with green sprinkles.A chocolate pudding with candy grass on the top.

If you went to a grasslands biome you would live inside an amazing wooden cabin. The cabin would have plenty of windows so you can watch the incredible wildlife. There is also a pool to cool off during the hot summer and there is even a stone fireplace inside so in the winter you will stay warm.

Go on a Safari for some fun!


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