The Grasslands

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The Grasslands

ClimateThe temperatures in the summer can reach over 100 degrees. In the winter the temperatures can be below -40 degrees. There is about 10 to 35 inches of precipitation per year

Packing suggestionsIf you decide to book a vacation in the summer then I would bring lots of sunscreen and a big sun hat. But when booking a vacation in the winter I would bring a sweater and some gloves

The Grasslands

AccommodationsA petite hut with a window. This hut is camoflauged so you are able to look at all of the wildlife and take amazing pictures without getting hurt or too close to scare them.

AnimalsSome animals in the grasslands include giraffes, cheetahs, pronghorns, and elephants

PlantsPurple cone flower, Blazing star, Golden rod, and Big blue stem

Snake soup w/chicken broth and other herbs

Fried lion meatlion meat covered in batter and then fried in balls

Zebra Burgerflattened zebra meat formed as a patty


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