The Governess

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The Governess

The ending of this novel was extremely eerie and a bit confusing. I honestly do not know if I believe the governess or not. The governess is quite fickle in her attitude towards the children. I wonder if her actions and accusations are what caused the tragic death of Miles. Perhaps the governess created the ending she wanted to support her suspicion.

Wants employers approval

The Governess

The governess was a caretaker for her niece and nephew. The governess was in charge of educating and looking after Miles and Flora. Throughout the story, the governess showed signs of truely admiring the children and finding them innocent, or worrying that they were decieving her.In Ethan From we don't have a narrative from Mattie, so it is more difficult to know how Mattie feels about being a caretaker for Ethan, Zeena and the home.

The governess as a Caretaker

Little life experience

Pushing Characters to a Tragic Ending

The governess showed signs of wanting her employers approval. The governess refused to write and send a letter to express her worries when Mrs. Grose first suggested that she should. The governess was conflicted on how to protect the children. Her methods of protection are questionable, and could possibly have put the children in more danger.Mattie also wanted Zeena's approval. Even though Mattie and Zeena were not close, Mattie did not want to be sent away. Zeena sending Mattie away may have done more harm than good, but even that is questionable and depends on which characters' perspective we focus on.

The governess was quite young for the job she took on. The governess' decision to not write for help makes her less trustworthy when deciding to believe her or not. She seems to live in her head a lot. Maybe if the governess was exposed to more life experience, she would have been able to handle the stress of her situation better.

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