The Gospel According to Larry

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The Gospel According to Larry

The theme of independance and courage is very encouraging to teens who think that they are the odd one out. This book proves all of that wrong. Josh has some conflict with his family on his was to victory but with his website, he manages to go a long way.

A great reading strategy to use while completing your novel is by using sticky notes to emphisize important pages and parts. On the sticky note you can write a short note about the important part or write down a quote which is useless when it comes to essays.Another smart reading stratagy to consider while reading is making notes after every chapter. Doing this will helped me remember the main points of the book, making the connecrions for the essay easier.

"I had been trying to fix the outside world without fixing the inside one first--a giant mistake."

"Maybe finding common ground with the people we disagree with was the first step to a real revolution."

"I wish he hadn't been right about how far we'd go to keep ourselves entertained."

The Gospel According to LarryBy: Janet Tashjian

Arianna Campanelli

Josh is an anything but average 17 year old boy whos life goal is to change the world into a better place with an online blog. As he acts as his altered ego Larry, he falls in love with his best friend Beth who has yet to find out that he was Larry, her biggest insperation. What will happen? Will Josh get caught or will his secret identity of Larry continue?

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