The Google Car - Lidar Laser

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The Google Car - Lidar Laser


Google has created a one of a kind google car! The google car is ran by the star of the vechicle which is the LIDAR laser remote sensing sytem. The LIDAR laser has many unique features to it that allows it to function the google car at its best.

This technology will highly impact individuals. The lidar laser highlights the idea of obtaning a map, that wil direct drivers with the accurate destination. In addition to, it alerts any malfunction within the car such as brakes, and any dangerous involvement with other cars.

The Lidar system is placed and bolted on top the Google car. It bounces a beam off of surfaces and measures the reflection to determine the distance. The Velodyne 64-beam laser can rotate 360 degress. Its mounted on top of the car and allows the view to be clear at all angles.

The main purpose of the Lidar Laser is to provide assistance and guide to the driver. It provides map guide, and distances from your destination, It is very precise in directions that goes up to 100 meters. In adition to, it also sensors any obstacles that might be in harms way. All in all, it is very reliable and essential.

The Lidar Laser will improve the google business to become the greatest because it produced a product that will be benefical to the society. If people are pursuing into buying the product, and have a good view on them, it will make the people look upon google more often, and the company will be more wealthy.

The cost of the car has not yet been clarified, but compared to any new advanced technology it will be highly expensive. Advanced technology that is benefial to the society, will be expected to be unaffordable and devastating.

Today, new technology has been introduced into the world including inventions of new cars. I personally believe the google car will not be around for so long because new inventions will be made, that will also intrigue people's interest. As of right now, I also believe it wont last long due to the high price.

Lidar Laser and the Involvement of People

The Google Car(Lidar Laser)

How does it work?


Safety Concerns 1. Failure within the technology parts such as the sensor, or brakes. 2. GPS map may be laggy causing a disturbance on the road. 3. May not function properly during increment weather. 4. Could possibly be uncontrollable. 5. Technological devices may be down, or not comprehensive.

Safety Concerns

Purpose of the Lidar Laser


Future of the Lidar Laser


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